Healthy Grain Tea

Best Products from Chungbuk, Korea

[INQ. NO. 1511C19] People with busy modern lifestyles find it challenging to maintain a healthy eating plan on a daily basis. That’s why “Bayocha” healthy germinated grain tea was developed by a Korean food company. This is a leached tea made through traditional leaching method without using concentrate. Using quality natural ingredients and made with sincere care, this germinated grain tea is made under strict quality control in advanced production facilities. The sugar free and healthy natural drink will help people make up for essential nutrients that they lack in a daily diet by eating a variety of herbal foods and grains. Bayocha consists of the following seven different types of product made with different ingredients so that you can enjoy seven different teas every day.

Healthy-Grain-Tea (Mon.) ingredients: brown rice, bean, barley, mung beans and cassia seed
Bayocha (Tue.) ingredients: siberian chrysanthemum, dried radish, burdock, dandelion and mugwort
Bayocha (Wed.) ingredients: schizandra onionskin, artichoke, persimmon leaf propolis
Bayocha (Thur.) ingredients: moringa, balsam pear, dried orange peel, fusiformis
Bayocha (Fri.) ingredients: hovenia dulcis, root of an arrowroot, acanthopanax, collagen
Bayocha (Sat.) ingredients: radish, radish leaves, shiitake mushroom, carrot
Bayocha (Sun.) ingredients: tree ears, yellow tea, mulberry tree leaves, oyster mushroom, kelp | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods