uPVC System Louver

[INQ. NO. 1511C24] BAUTEK Co., Ltd., is a venture company specialized in Window & Door sector, manufacturing European style system windows with high-tech functionality. With a vision to become the green company with wide range of products from energy saving to energy making, the company is growing into the enterprise that fulfills social responsibility against global warming and energy exhaustion. In 2010, the company launched new products for 1st class construction companies in South Korea, as well as for North America, Southeast Asia, and developing countries like India.

https://korean-products.com/inquiry‘High Insulation SYSTEM LOUVER’, the major product from BAUTEK, is made of uPVC, and has fine water resistance and anti termite. The new LOUVER solved problems of its predecessors made of aluminum alloys, including dew condensation and mold forming on the adjacent walls of outdoor unit deck by poor insulation. The new LOUVER modules imitated the shape of airplane wings to increase circulation and speed of the air, and has multiple air layers on the inside for better insulation, helping in saving air conditioning and heating costs in summer and winter.

The LOUVER has passed tests in South Korea for condensation prevention, sound & thermal insulation with high scores, and the LOUVER module and system has patents in South Korea, USA, India, and Vietnam.

uPVC-System-LouverThe LOUVER can be optimized for windows and doors with various profiles and materials (plastic, aluminum, and woods, etc.), and can change its colors and patterns according to the interior design of the site.

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