Industrial Valves

1[INQ. NO. 1512C04] Mr. Jeong Tae-hee, the founder and CEO of Samjin JMC ( was awarded the 75th Trader of the Month Award for his contribution to growing Samjin JMC into a thriving industrial valve manufacturer and exporter.
After he launched water and sewage valve company, Samjin Precision in 1991, he recognized the
tremendous potential of the industrial valve market, the largest among the global valve markets.
The industrial valve market has a relatively high entry barrier to start-up. But he used his indepth
experience and know-how in manufacturing valves for decades to launch Samjin JMC in 2007. He was fully aware of the importance of research and development efforts to meet the rigid requirements for the highest-level of technologies and long-term reliability for the industrial valves.
2Samjin JMC overcame the entry barriers of the new business through devoted R&D endeavors, and it finally came to develop and commercialize not only Trunnion Ball Valve, Metal Seat Ball Valve, No-cavity Ball Valve and Poly Silicon Valve, but also Alternative Energy Valve and Super Low Temperature Ball Valve for the first time in Korea.
Particularly, its 48” Top Entry Ball Valve was exported to a Vietnamese oil refinery, with its technical prowess being internationally recognized.

Trunnion Ball Valve: As the ball in the trunnion ball valve is held by upper stems and lower trunnions, seats are designed to move for sealing when fluid’s pressure is applied to the primary axial position (or the second axial position). When the movement of the string seals it, it is called the “PE: Piston Effect” because the function of the string
is similar to a piston.

Samjin JMC runs its in-house R&D center to upgrade product quality and introduce new products, and it is involved in state-run projects and eco-friendly product development. The company is also striving to broaden its presence in the domestic and global markets under the management philosophy of prioritizing customer satisfaction
throughbest products and technologies. In addition, it is eagerly finding new export markets through regularly participating in major exhibitions like GASTECH, ADPEC and the Oil & Gas Show. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods