1[INQ. NO. 1512C06] Mr. Lee Sang-won, CEO of SANG-A FRONTEC ( was awarded the 77th Trader of the Month Award for his contribution in achieving outstanding export performance SANG-A FRONTEC in the global markets.
Founded in 1974, SANG-A FRONTEC has developed into the largest Korean provider of fluoride resin & high-performance engineering plastic for the core production industries such as
semiconductor, display, rechargeable battery, IT, automobile, machinery, medical care, new generation energy, airline and space industries. SANG-A FRONTEC retains unrivaled
technological prowess in the fluoride resin & high-performance engineering plastic field with numerous intellectual property rights thanks to the continuous investment in R&D and human resources. The company also manufactures and supplies a wide range of core components for LCD, semiconductor, secondary battery, OA and PCB industries in the world market. Despite the global economic downturn, SANG-A FRONTEC has enjoyed a constant increase in exports and for this, the company received 50 Million Dollar Export Tower in 2014.

The LCD cassette is the equipment that picks up, transfers and stores the main material, glass in the FPD (Flat Panel Display) production process, and it is produced through injection molding of functional plastic and assemblies of the components such as CFRP, AL, SUS, etc. This item can be used for the applied design, manufacturing and installation in the whole FPD industry. Support Bar is the cassette’s component made of CFRP material. In order to respond to the large-sized LCD equipment, this CFRP product adopts the Carbon Fiber’s property effectively, incorporating optimized functionalities and design elements.
• Characteristics: Using high-performance engineering plastic resin, it has optimized service conditions of processes as well as outstanding manufacturing capacity.• Applications:
– Loading and storing, transporting the LCD CELL GLASS in the TFT-LCD production processes
– LCD pre/post-process, PDP Stocking, OLED pre/post-process, Touch Panel pre/post-process The LCD CASSETTE has been selected as a ‘World Class Product of Korea’ by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. It takes first place in the world market share, achieving the investment rate of 59.4%. SANG-A FRONTEC has steadily strengthened its market base, securing renowned customers such as AUO, Innolux in Taiwan, BOE in China, etc. since it supplied the LCD Cassette to Samsung Electronics for the first time in 1994. Furthermore, the company holds various applicable technical skills in the OLED and Touch Panel, Solar Module Cassette fields. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods