Membrane Sheet for LNG Ship’s Cargo Containment System

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[INQ. NO. 1511C20] TMC Co., Ltd. launched its business in ship building equipment manufacturing in 2001 and succeeded in self developing the primary barrier membrane for LNG ships’ cargo containment system. TMC’s production system was approved by the French company GTT that has the proprietary technology regarding design and manufacture of cargo containment systems, a key part of LNG ships. Co., Ltd. has been recognized for its membrane sheet, stainless steel corner and anchor strip that are used for Mark-III type LNG cargo tanks, both from Korean and world-leading LNG ship owners.

TMC mainly produces the membrane sheet forming the 1.2t stainless steel that is installed in the inside wall of a cargo containment’s special heat-resistant system, which preserves LNG liquefied through 1/600 compression at 163 degrees C below zero. The unique shape of the membrane sheet called ‘corrugation’ plays a role in absorbing expansion/shrinkage stress caused by changes in internal temperature.

TMC’s ACCESSORI works to connect the membrane’s corrugations. Being made of one cargo tank, it acts as the first protective film.

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