Mobile Components, WIBRO, PCM & SCM

1[INQ. NO. 1512C01] Mr. Kim Jae-yoon, CEO of SEOWONINTECH Co.,Ltd ( received the 73rd Trader of the Month Award for his contribution toward the excellent export performance of SEOWONINTECH.

Founded in 1983, SEOWONINTECH is a specialized manufacturer of mobile and electronic components, WIBRO products and PCM (Protection Circuit Module) targeting the global IT markets, operating six production facilities in South Korea and overseas production facilities in Tianjin and Nanjing, China and Vietnam.

It supplied dial keypads and subsidiary materials to the mobile communications division of Samsung Electronics from the early 2000s. Since 2013, SEOWONINTECH has provided IT gadget accessories such as flip-covers and book-covers in to the growing demand for smartphones and tablet PCs. In addition to the components manufacturing, its WiMAX business division is focusing on the development of USB modems and making intensive R&D investment in WIBRO products that can compete in the global IT markets. Taking the lead in the WiMAX IOT& certification testing with global IT leaders such as Samsung, Alcatel-Lucent and Huawei, it has acquired certification for 3.5Hz WIMAX and SIACS. By setting up production facilities in Tianjin and Nanjing, China and Vietnam, the company now has a competitive advantage in terms of price competitiveness as well. SEOWONINTECH also has a battery business, providing SCM, PCM and safety lights and MTB lamps.

The main business of SEOWONINTECH consists of the following three categories: mobile
components; WIBRO products; PCM (Protection Circuit Module) & SCM (Smart Circuit Module).

WIBRO products: SEOWONINTECH provides modems, one-to-one USB modems, routers, and Multi CPE (the so-called wireless modem) as well as mini cards and WiMAX phones as other items.

PCM (Protection Circuit Module) for Secondary Battery: SCM standing for Smart Circuit
Module is an explosion proof circuit module that works to prevent a battery cell of an IT gadget from exploding by controlling overcharge and over discharge. SCM was devised to have an enhanced function to support the multi structure of numerous battery cells in a notebook computer.

Mobile Components: SEOWONINTECH is engaged in manufacturing subsidiary materials with special functions for waterproofing, dust proofing and heat proofing, such as window tape, heatproof sheet, rubber, injection, volume-key, electromagnetic waves
interceptor and sponge as well as dial keys for mobile phones and home keys, side keys and power keys for smartphones. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods