POCT (Point-of-Care Testing)

1[INQ. NO. 1512C05] Choi Eui-yul, CEO of Boditech Med Inc. (www.boditech.co.kr), which specializes in high-quality in-vitro diagnostics analyzers and reagents, received the 76th Trader of the Month Award for his contribution to the company’s achievement of excellent export performance in the global market. Mr. Choi founded Boditech Med in November 1998, based on abundant expertise from his
research career in the biotechnology field. From the start, he focused on retaining technical leadership of Boditech Med through investing heavily in R&D and recruiting highly qualified human resources. Currently, about 70 excellent researchers with master’s or higher degrees in BT
and IT are working on developing new products and improving quality.http://korean-products.com/inquiry
It is thus no surprise that Boditech Med has grown significantly over the years.
Boditech Med is currently providing over 70 countries with its two main products: ichroma and hemochroma Plus, and it maintains the No. 1 position in reagent sales of a particular item(CRP) over the past two years in the Chinese Point of Care Testing (POCT) market. The company will continue its efforts to enhance human health and wellness by providing a wider range of diagnostic biomarkers and automated analyzers throughout the world. Boditech Med is leading a paradigm shift in the in-vitro diagnostics industry, induced by its whole blood-based technology. The company’s biomarkers produce a wide range of quantitative test results by using novel portable analyzers. Acknowledging that a growing number of people recently demand better healthcare services, Boditech Med will contribute its dedication to improving access to accurate and simple diagnostics services backed by its own innovative technology.

Main Products:
ichroma™ SMART Reader is a next-generation, semi-automatic, desktop fluorescence
processing and scanning instrument for measuring the concentration of target analytes in human blood, urine and other specimens in various specially designed cartridges, which will be properly processed and tested in accordance with ichroma™ SMART Immunoassay Test procedures. ichroma™ SMART Reader features semi-automatic operations: once users apply a sufficient amount of samples to each cartridge, ichroma™ SMART Reader will finish the rest of testing procedures (including automatic precision pipetting).
ichroma™ Reader is a compact fluorescence scanning instrument for measuring the
concentration of target analytes in human blood, urine and other specimens which will be
properly processed in accordance with appropriate ichroma™ Immunoassay Test procedures.

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