Surfactants, Paper Chemicals, Polyurethanes, PE WAX, Softeners

[INQ. NO. 1512C21] SFC Co., Ltd., established in 1998, specializes in manufacturing hardened oil for surface detergents, waxes, and polishes. Through continued
investment into the facilities and R&D, SFC is now manufacturing 250 kinds of chemical products including surfactants, paper chemicals, polyurethanes, PE WAX, and softeners for the general industries, with strong competitiveness in the surfactant market.
1NONIONIC SUNFOL Series are in Nonionic surfactants which are part of the Ethylene oxide lineage. These products have wonderful properties in emulsification, dispersion and penetrating effects. The hydrophilic property is related to adducted ethylene oxide mole, and hydrophobic property is related to base materials. It can be control penetrating, cleaning, emulsifying dispersant and foaming effects by choice base materials. In general, EO adducted nonionic surfactants have good chemical resistance, and very stable in acid and alkali solution.
NONIONIC SUNFOL Series have good solubility in anionic, Cationic and other nonionic surfactants. It also has wonderful effects in foaming application by using smaller quantities than the other surfactants.
General Application: Textile industry, Paper & Pulp industry, Agricultural chemicals, Pharmaceutical, Rubber industry, Paint, Resin, Metal industry. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods