Changpyeong Hangwa (Traditional Korean Confectionery)

1[INQ. NO. 1601C35] Hojeong Food manufactures, distributes, and sells traditional Korean confectionery called ‘Hangwa.’ Artisan Ryu Young-goon, CEO of Hojeong Food has dedicated his whole life to preserving throughout three generations, and applying, the secret recipes for manufacturing traditional Korean sweet foods such as Hangwa (Korean traditional confectionery), Yeot (rice taffy) and Jocheong (grain syrup). He is one of the maestros of the craft to be recognized by the Korean government. Hojeong Food exerts its utmost efforts to create the foods that families can safely consume and enjoy by introducing an automation system, advanced equipment and sanitary facilities in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd plants, where the traditional recipe secrets are properly combined with modern technology.

Changpyeong Hangwa _ Korean Traditional Confectionery   2                                                   Changpyeong Hangwa are top-class Korean traditional cookies made using natural ingredients by the hands of Artisan Ryu Young-goon. Hangwa follows the time-honored traditions of Korean cuisine and reflects the wisdom of our ancestors. Changpyeong Hangwa is made of 100% natural vegetable materials and the special cookies provide Korea’s special traditional taste.

3Changpyeong Yeot_ Rice Taffy                                         Changpyeong Yeot (Rice Taffy ) boastsits exceptional taste and crunch when chewed without sticking inside the mouth. Changpyeong in Jeolla province has long been famous for Yeot (rice taffy). The history of Changpyeong Yeot can be traced back to the 1400s, during the Joseon Dynasty. It originated from Yeot that was handed over by the court ladies serving the Yangyeong Daegun (the eldest brother of King Sejong) when he stayed in Changpyeong Damyang-gun, Jeolla province. Since then, the secret recipe of manufacturing Yeot has been handed down for generations to women in Changpyeong village.

4Changpyeong Jocheong _ Grain Syrup Changpyeong Jocheong (grain syrup) is made of natural ingredients and it reflects the unique and healthy taste of the traditional Korean syrup.
Changpyeong Jocheong is made prior to the stage of making Yeot (rice taffy). Yeot is made through the process of concentrating the Jocheong.
Jocheong (grain syrup) is one of essential elements for making the sweet taste of traditional Koreancuisines including Hangwa (Korean traditional confectionery). | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods