Hovenia Dulcis (Oriental raisin tree)

[INQ. NO. 1601C38] SEROM provides Korea’s top-quality hovenia dulcis and dendro pandax products, grown in Jangheung inhttp://korean-products.com/inquiry Korea. Based in Jangheung, the largest area of Korean hovenia dulcis (Oriental raisin tree) cultivation, SEROM is an R&Doriented enterprise devoting its efforts to the development and manufacturing of health functional products using home-grown
natural medicinal herbs such as hovenia dulcis and dendro pandax. Establishing a one-stop production line from processing and manufacturing to distribution for health functional products using medicinal herbs, SEROM was approved as a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) company by KFDA in 2010. With its 100 state-of-the-art production lines and unrivaled technological prowess, SEROM also provides various functional foods on an OEM basis.

1Medical efficacies of Jangheung hovenia dulcis: Hovenia dulcis’ fruit is a rich source of Polysaccharide, an active compound. Hovenia dulcis is excellent for improving liver function and detoxification as well as relieving hangovers, alcohol poisoning
and thirst. It provides outstanding LDH (lactate dehydrogenase) activity and it is excellent for treating hepatitis.

Main Products: Jangheung hovenia dulcis extract (pouch type)
– Product content: 30ml x 30 pouches / 30ml x 60 pouches
– Ingredient: Concentrate of hovenia dulcis fruits grown with organic farming method
– Effective in hangover recovery and overcoming fatigue

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