[INQ. NO. 1601C42] Suncheon Agricultural Cooperative Namdo Food is a specialized manufacturer of Kimchi, representing the
area of Suncheon, South Jeolla province in Korea. The Korean food company has inherited and developed the traditional food culture of Korea such as Kimchi and Jeotgal (Salted Seafood) with a goal of bringing more benefits to customers and farmers. Namdo Kimchi represents the original Korean food culture and is made with various vegetables and ingredients, produced by local farmers, in hygienic facilities and through systematic processes.

1Whole Cabbage Kimchi (Pogi Kimchi)
This would be the most typical Kimchi in the traditional style of Jeolla-do, made with a variety of ingredients and salted anchovies.

Sesame Leaf Kimchi (Kkaenip Kimchi)2.PNG

The refreshing flavor of sesame leaves can stimulate your appetite in summer.

White Cabbage Kimchi (Baek Kimchi)
This white cabbage Kimchi is featured by clean and refreshing flavor, using the pure water of Suncheon, perfect for even children, the elderly, and foreigners. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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