Korea Black Raspberry Juice

[INQ. NO. 1601C39] PURPLETREE is a specialized company for producing a premium level of natural juice using Korea Black Raspberry harvested inhttp://korean-products.com/inquiry Gochangin, Korea.
[Benefits of Korea Black Raspberry] The purple color fruits have anthocyanin which is a strong antioxidant and Korea Black Raspberry contains much more anthocyanin than grapes or blueberries do. In addition, the Korea Black Raspberry has great amounts of vitamin B, C and higher content of polyphenol than wine.

[Natural Sweetness] PURPLETREE strives to place a high priority on people’s health by using only natural sugar–Muscovado which is the Philippine unrefined brown sugar made by sugarcane extract harvested by hand. PURPLETREE products do not add a single drop of water or any preservatives using antibacterial bottles approved by the U.S. FDA. By blending 90% of Korea Black Raspberry and 10% of Muscovado, PURPLETREE drinks have clear and pure taste, without stickiness or a bitter aftertaste offering the flavors of nature and promoting health as well.


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