Organic Bulminari (Water dropwort) & Injinssuk (Wormwood) Juice

[INQ. NO. 1601C43] Hwasun Bulminari Co., Ltd. has practiced organic farming for the past 25 years and operated a grand-scale organic farm that was granted a domestic certificate, as well as the JAS certificate of Japan and USDA certificate of USA based on the Codex Guidelines in 2005. The company’s signature products, Bulminari (Water dropwort) and Injinssuk (Wormwood) have been proven very helpful and good to activate liver functions and remedy many women’s diseases through scientific clinical experiments and research findings, as well as traditional Oriental medicine. Hwasun Bulminari has grown and
processed them with delicate care.

3Bulminari (Water dropwort) & Injinssuk (Wormwood) Juice
The juice is made of Water Dropwort and Wormwood which are organically grown in a clean environment where caridean shrimps live, with no pesticides, no chemical fertilizers, no antiseptics, and dye-free. It is effective for liver functions, chronic fatigue, and hangover.
– Contents: Organic Water Dropwort extracts 55%, Organic Wormwood extracts 30%, Schizandra Berris extracts 15%

Organic Injinssuk (Wormwood) Juice
It was granted the Organically Processed Foods Certification. Organic Wormwood grown organically yields annually and is ripened for a long time (usually using Organic Wormwood yielding 3-6 years ago). It only uses Organic Wormwood (100%) to maximize its functionality and is very efficacious to activate liver functions, remedy many women’s diseases, improve appetite, and reduce fatigue.
– Contents: Organic Wormwood 100% | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods