Preschool story books with detailed illustrations about natural wildlife

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[INQ. NO. 1602C10] 09Book Co., Ltd., a company in November 2012 to produce and distribute children’s books, has been steadily growing based on its corporate motto of “Sincerity, stability, growth.” Housed in a fully automated logistics center, the company is involved in designing and supplying over 600 complete series of literature, and developing programs, with its rich experience in the field.

The Natural Wildlife Story Book Series with Detailed Illustrations for Precious Kids gives more detailed descriptions about the natural wildlife with child-friendly narratives and emotional illustrations than photographs can do.
Featuring a total of 140 species of animals, plants and insects, the book contains accurate and realistic images, encouraging cognitive development of children.
In addition, the book series contains a variety of onomatopoeic words and mimetic words that help kids to understand the sounds and behavior of different animals, improving their verbal expression simultaneously.
The books have gripping and easy-to-understand stories that attract young readers and stimulate their interest in the books. The thick and sturdy board books are conveniently sized to fit into a young child’s tiny hands and every edge of the book is rounded for safer and long-term use. The covers are laminated with high-gloss coating. All of the animals and plants that are presented in each book are illustrated on the back cover of a book so that kids can play question answer games about the name of a plant or animal.

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