Yeongam fig fruit jelly, juice and jam

[INQ. NO. 1601C37] Yeongam, located in the southern area of the Korea peninsula, is famous for its high-quality fig fruits.
About 70 percent of all figs grown in South Korea come from Yeongam, South Jeolla Province. The region’s abundant sunlight, temperature (25~31˚C during summer when the fig trees bear fruit) and sea breezes provide an optimal environment for growing delicious fig fruits with high contents of vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers. And the fruit’s skin is also a good source of polyphenol with powerful antioxidant and anti-aging properties. The taste and quality of the figs grown in Yeongam are so famous in Korea that they have been registered as the number 43
agricultural product of the Korea Protected Geographical Indication (KPGI) by National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service (NAQS). Yeongam figs have acquired ISO 9001/14001 certifications.

Red bean Fig jelly
Red bean Fig jelly is a brand-new red bean jelly mainly made from fig fruits. The product contains fig fruit paste 56% to capture the rich flavor of raw figs with health benefits. With a crunchy tiny seeds of figs, this fig/red bean jelly has great texture and taste. The smooth and tasty jelly is perfect for a special present or is a good snack during outdoor activities such as golf and fishing.
Ingredients: Fig paste 56%, red bean paste (from Korea), grain syrup made with Korean rice, agar

Processed Fig juice
With no sugar, the fruit juice is a well-being food that is made with just 100% raw fig fruits. This fig juice is made by concentrating figs using a vacuum-low temperature method to ensure that people can enjoy the flavor and nutrients of the original fruits. The fig juice contains dietary fibers that relieve gastro-intestinal and constipation problems (The dietary fibers also help in reducing cholesterol level in your blood.). Figs are alkaline food that provides various health benefits and they feature mild and soft taste. Figs are also rich in an enzyme known as pectin, so they are good for preventing constipation and digestion, being good beverage for a patient. Figs also help one to lose weight. Free from preservatives and chemical additives, it can be a great, healthful food for kids and adults.
– Easy-to carry pouch-type packaging
Ingredients: 100% fig fruits

3Processed Fig jam
This fig jam is made concentrating the fruits by using vacuum-low temperature method to ensure that the flavor and nutrients of the original figs can be reduced and incorporated in the final product. Without adding other ingredients, it is made solely with fig fruits, providing rich flavor. You can enjoy it just by spreading on the bread, or
adding it into yogurt and ice cream. You can also use it as a meat tenderizer for softened taste instead of sugar when seasoning meat. It has acquired HACCP to ensure the strict quality and hygienic management standards.
Ingredients: fig fruits 73.6%, sugar, vitamin C | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods