Baby Care Goods

[INQ. NO. 1602C19] Jeonwon Tech is an expert in one-stop service from design and molding to extrusion of plastic household products fi t for needs of customers. With 20 years of experience and technology, the company provides a wide range of household plastic goods under its own brand name of “Plafarm.”



The “Plafarm” Baby Hug Seat provides many benefits for both a mom and a baby. Made in accordance with a baby’s body contours, it helps you hold your baby stably and comfortably without shoulder and wrist pain. And it also ensures a baby’s correct position during feeding, preventing a baby from spitting. With a smooth surface, it gathers no dirt and you just need to rinse it with clean water after a bath.



The “Plafarm” Hug Bean Bath Tub has a round shape, similar to a mother’s womb and it comfortably embraces the posture of the young baby whose balance is not kept so that a baby can feel safe and relaxed. With a dual structure of the outer wall, the temperature of the bath water is kept warm for a longer time. You can check the posture a baby in the
bathtub can be seen directly through the transparent tub. A thermometer is att ached at the bott om of the inside with which temperature of the bath water is easily checked.

12“Plafarm” Hug Frog Bib is useful for a baby who starts spoon-feeding.
With soft texture, it is made by carefully taking account of the curve and size of a child’s neck, shoulder and chest so that a child can wear it comfortably. The neck tie is an easily wearable band type without causing irritation to the skin. The neck size is adjustable between about 26 and 34cm. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods