C-Comfort’ Functionality Pillow

7[INQ. NO. 1602C18] benepom’s C-Comfort Pillow supports sleepers’ neck and shoulders in the most comfortable postures for a sound sleep and maintains the desirable C-shape of the cervical spine, relaxing neck and shoulder muscles tense from everyday activities.


The C-Comfort pillow is not a medical device, but a functional pillow assisting comfortable and sound sleep with the following four key features:
– Mound naturally supports maintains C-curved c-spine
– Height prevents collapsed shoulder
– Relaxed neck and back muscles
– Prevents ear pain for side sleepers

The acupressure points precisely matching muscle locations off er acupressure effect
created from body weight just by lying in a relaxed position. Once positioned in the right spot, turn your head to enjoy muscle relaxation and massaging.

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