Clad Metal for Cookware Use

[INQ. NO. 1602C16] Korea Clad Tech Co., Ltd. in manufacturing clad metal for various industries such as automobile, electronic parts and cookware. The clad metal provides combinations of properties and advantages of aluminum, copper and stainless such as high thermal conductivity, high strength, raw material cost reduction, good appearance, high brazing property and high electromagnetic shielding effect.
Plus, Korea Clad Tech’s clad metal has excellent quality in surface and strong peel strength with new developed continuous coil roll bonded machine.

The company is a leading provider of clad metal for cookware use, which is composed by STS/ AL/STS (CU) etc. and provides various merits cleanness, high thermal conductivity, luxury appearance, semi-permanent quality, easy washing, reduction cooking time and availability to a variety of cookware.
Pre-coating F/P (non-stick) Unlike normal frypan applied with non stick coating after drawing, the pre-coating does not fall easily through the etching process coating in advance on sheet condition. Using two-layer fluorine coating, although TOP coating layer is worn out, base coating layer will keep non-stick to con t inue. P re-coa t ing clad met a l has an outstanding coating thickness more than 2x. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods