Gel Suction Wireless Charger and Cradle for Smartphone

[INQ. NO. 1602C21] CPC Co., Ltd. is the world’s fi gel suction cradle developer, and acquired patents for its gel suction in the USA and China as well as Korea. The company has focused on development and improvement of the gel suction under the brand name of “Anygrip,” which are mainly used for dashboards or glasses with texture. And it now exports its patented gel suction cradles to many countries around the world. Anygrip-Mate is the company’s latest Anygrip series. The device is an innovative wireless charger and cradle for smartphone. The Anygrip’s gel suction is well-known among consumers for strong adhesion with reliability and usability for both a flat and non-flat surface such as dashboard and windshield in a car. Anygrip-Mate is an effective charger for QI-enabled device and its anti-slip silicone mat secures the device. The advanced design prevents overheating and finds the ‘sweet spot’ by adjusting the legs. It has a 360-degree rotation ball, and the cradle can be adjusted to fi t any smartphone or device from 59mm to 90mm in width. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods