LED Light Therapy Device “icoza plus”

[INQ. NO. 1602C23] Our bodies have a biological clock, the circadian rhythm that http://korean-products.com/inquiryresponds to light levels over the course of a 24 – hour cycle, causing people to sleep or wake up . According to the internal body clock that regulates a variety of biological processes, serotonin known to keep people alert is released during the day time a n d melatonin, a sleep hormone, is released during the night. These days, however, this rhythm is broken as people are getting extremely more exposed to artificial lights than in the past due to longer working hours, and overuse of IT and electronic gadgets disrupts the sleeping environments. When this internal rhythm is broken, people are vulnerable to many health problems such as sleep disorders and depression.

1In this sense, a new LED light therapy device “icoza plus” from GEONAS Co., Ltd. (www.i-coz.com) is drawing attention for its special features. The light therapy device is designed to help an infant and adults to have a sound sleep, which is important not only for a n e w baby’ s physical development but also the wellbeing of the mother. It delivers 10,000 lux of the rapeutic light and 446~474nm wavelength rang of blue light, which are known to help reset the body’s regular sleep patterns, according to the recent scientific findings. The light therapy helps both adults and babies to recover regular sleep patterns for falling asleep and waking up easier, by promoting the release of serotonin during the daytime and the release of melatonin during the night. The light therapy device emphasizes healthcare by adding color therapy and sound technologies.

2With the color therapy using various colors such as violet, blue, orange, red, yellow and green, “icoza plus” can help relieve people’s stress and depression or stimulate the brain with the proper light color. In addition, the device’s sound therapy function provides white noise, lullaby and natural sounds that help babies and adults to reduce anxiety and stress. In addition, this device will help pregnant women and mothers to relieve depressed feeling before and after childbirth.
The device has user-friendly features such as a Bluetooth speaker, 8-step brightness adjustment, wakeup lighting alarm and an USB port. With ITS eggshaped modern design, the device is attractive as an interior decor item.

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