Non-electric Bidet & Wearable Air Purifi er

[INQ. NO. 1602C17] HYUNDAI Wacortec Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer and exporter of water purifiers for household and water purifi cation systems for commercial and industrial use. Based on continuous R&D endeavors and investments, the company now also provides air purifiers, non-electric bidets, quick change water filter systems, vitamin shower heads, and water fi lter pitchers.

Non-electric Bidet “Bobslei”
The non-electric bidet is low-maintenance-cost, economical and safe product as it does not require power consumption and its simple mechanical design (operated by water pressure) and structure guarantees long-term use without disruption.
The bidet provides a two-nozzle system 􀀀 for general-washing (a so-called ‘family nozzle’) and for feminine hygiene use. Also, the nozzle cleaning feature ensures the bidet’s nozzle is always ready for clean operation. Plus, you can rinse the bidet with water
without concern about it aff ecting the mechanism.


Wearable Air Purifi er
The wearable air purifier is easily transportable, wherever you go. Equipped with negative-ion generation and HEPA filter purification system, it can remove contaminants such as dust, pollens, etc. simply by wearing it on the neck. Moreover, recharging is simple by applying the large capacity lithium-ion battery with the USB charging method.
Combining aesthetic and functional features with sensational design, it can satisfy anyone of all ages and both genders. You can easily replace the HEPA filter cartridge through the filter replacing section on the bottom of the product. (Recommendable filter replacement period: 3~4 months)

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