Why not try the Diverse Attractions of Seoul?

1Full of vitality with 10.3 million people, soaring skyscrapers and traffic, Seoul is the capital of Korea with over 600 years of history. It is also a global city in which about 10 million foreign visitors arrive every year.
As the center of Korea’s culture and education as well as politics and economics, Seoul surprisingly well blends the cultural heritage of the nation and the modern aspect of decades of economic growth and urbanization.
While the city boasts bustling shopping and entertainment districts and the world’s best information-technology infrastructure, you will find that the city is the home to centuries-old historic sites such as royal palaces and temples.
The city also features spectacular natural settings with a river and mountains – Mt. Bugaksan, Bukhansan, Inwangsan, Namsan and Gwanaksan. Each mountain that boasts natural scenic landscapes and views overlooking the city of Seoul can be easily accessed via public transportation. In addition, Han River which runs through the center of the city offers a great recreational area for residents and tourists.
With the Korean wave, called Hallyu, booming abroad, Seoul, which is filled with numerous boutique stores featuring the latest fashion trend in fashion items and cosmetics, has been emerging as a center of fashion, culture and shopping in Asia, seeing the number of foreign tourists to Seoul increase remarkably.http://korean-products.com/inquiry
CNN reported in 2011, “There’s a reason Asian tourists have ranked Seoul as their favorite world city three years in a row. There are 50 of them,” listing various reasons such as Galbi, Kimchi, royal palaces, and heated floors (ondol).
Actually, Seoul’s landmark shopping centers like renovated Times Square and Lotte World Mall as well as traditional shopping districts such as Namdaemun Market and Dongdaemun Market also draw a large number of tourists every year.
Visitors to Seoul can stay comfortably in diverse accommodations offering a variety of tantalizing service and prices – business hotels, guest houses and youth hostels, including the following luxury hotels.

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