Korean Household Goods Presenting High-performance, Environmentfriendliness and Eye-catching Design to Target Global Consumers


The household goods industry is quite open to learn about new products and technologies to keep pace with the market trends and to meet changing needs and desires of customers, compared with any other industries in Korea. The Korean companies have steadily understood that innovation, performance and versatility are the key area to be focused upon, and they has been researching and developing new products that are excellent in design, function and eco-friendliness. Korean household products with both a unique design and state-of-the-art technology are gaining popularity among local consumers. And some of them have made a successful debut in the global market, enhancing their efforts to make further inroads into the global market, with particular focus on consumers in the USA and European countries. Toward this goal, the International Home + Housewares Show and Ambiente are considered as signifi cant international trade expos for the household good providers in Korea in terms of the number of participants and the market size. The following companies are some of the Korean enterprises participating in the international fairs to expand new markets.

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  1. Sanjeev Khanal says:

    Hi, How can I get the contact details for all those companies that you have mentioned their products in this koreanproducts.com

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