DIY Modular Furniture

[INQ. NO. 1603C01] Domax Corporation provides premium-quality ABS modular furniture at competitive prices. It is very easy for a user to assemble the modular furniture. The company can supply various modular models, each of which has its own components, enabling a user to expand the size of the mo dular furniture to match
their specific needs.Untitled-2
Domax also has a system to supply custom-request sizes (in this case, a different range of prices is applied). Among its main products, S-Cube modular furniture is composed of storage boxes, dress rooms, wardrobes, etc.
The modular furniture is made of steel and aluminum materials. So, there are no endocrine disruptors, moldiness and smell from glue, varnish and formaldehyde, unlike wooden furniture. In addition, it is safe from fire. That is why modular furniture can be widely used in any place including houses, hospitals, and industrial sites. Moreover, aluminum and steel materials of the furniture can be recycled, which means that one can contribute to saving the Earth’s resources by using the modular furniture.Untitled-1
In particular, Domax’s modular furniture is so sturdy that it does not get bent and heavy loads can be supported by the well-designed structure of aluminum and steel materials.
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