LED desk lamps

[INQ. NO. 1603C02] Tbasis Co., Ltd. (www.tbasis.com) is engaged in designing, manufacturing and distributing environmentally friendly LED desk lamps based on its excellent technologies and best quality. http://korean-products.com/inquiry The products and technologies of Tbasis feature beautiful designs and easy-to-use functions for customers. The company has introduced the Cogylight LED desktop lamp that can fulfill any lighting needs at your place with stylish look and strong eye protection function. Of special note, Tbasis designed the lamp, targeting eye protection as its top priority. Its circular head design helps you conc
entrate on the work while reducing your eyestrain by gathering the light and minimizing shadows of objects.
– Unique circular design for strong eye protection: LUMIPLAS anti-glare filter by LG Chemical
– Highly energy-efficient, eco-friendly Samsung LED
– Adjust the brightness freely
– Soft & comfortable warm mood light
– Easy to use touch controls and foldable design
– Timer function

For more information about the product, please contact via
email: cogylight@gmail.com or visit the company’s website (www.tbasis.com).

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