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Korea’s beauty care enterprises
to step up their efforts to make further
inroads into the global market.

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Korean cosmetics and beauty care industry is flourishing, given the growing preference for Korean beauty care items and the brand recognition for Korean cosmetics has been rowing in the global market. Reflecting such popularity in the world market, the export volume of Korean cosmetics is on a constant rise. The Korea Customs Service (KCS) announced that he export volume of Korean cosmetics recorded USD 2.9 billion in 2015, making Korea an important global player in the cosmetics and beauty care industry in terms of export volume and production scale. 2016-03-09 09;21;21.PNGLargely driven by the increasing popularity of Korean culture products across the globe, known as the “Korean Wave,” industry insiders also point out that Korea’s beauty care industry has succeeded in enhancing their presence in China and other new markets by pursuing successful positioning strategies with quality innovation and competitive pricing and responding in a timely manner to the changing overseas cosmetics market with a broad range of quality products such as basic skincare products, color makeup products, aesthetic equipment, and hair care items. This success story is not confined to a few big companies. Many of Korea’s promising small and medium-sized cosmetics and beauty care items manufacturers have long been gearing up for more aggressive expansion in overseas markets. The following companies are some of the Korean enterprises intending to open overseas markets and strengthening their market expansion abroad. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods