Professional Brush Set

[INQ. NO. 1603C17] 30.PNGWith this Silstar Black Label Professional Brush Set, even makeup beginners can apply a makeup just like professionals. is a velvet pouch type set with pink, popular color for women. This product is certified with ISO 14001.


31Powder Brush: It helps users to express natural and clean skin tone . This round – shaped powder brush is made by considering the face line and made of natural hair which delivers powder smoothly and beautifully. It softly applies on the skin, making the skin look natural and radiant without clumping.

32.PNGFoundation Brush: It helps even out your skin tone and makes it look natural by absorbing foundation and BB cream. An elastic brush with proper thickness creates the skin tone you want by absorbing foundation evenly and                                                                      softly.

33Shadow Brush: The brush assists in expressing pearl and glitter shadow smooth and clean while applying particles of pearl evenly on the skin without clumping. It also makes the skin clean and radiant without powder                                                                       blowing.
35Concealer Brush: Thick and elastic brush bristle helps concealer blends thoroughly, covering up skin trouble, blemish and dark circle.
36Angel Eyebrow Brush: This eyebrow brush is the most suitable brush to use with powder-type eyebrow and this diagonal line works to softly pick up the contents, making                                                                trimmed eyebrows.
37Gel Eyeliner Brush: Thin brush, superior in drawing connecting lines helps control thickness of the brush, making the eyebrow line more clear and natural.
38Lip Brush: Dense and elastic brush bristle helps lip products apply finely and blends well, making more vivid and smooth lip even for the corner of the mouth.
393 Compact Brush: It is perfect to use for highlighter and blending, helping express natural highlight on the T-zone and C-zone. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods