Health & Beauty Week 2016

The beauty and healthcare industries have emerged key consumer markets in South Korea with the rapid growth of the country’s economy in the past decades. The large scale of the industries is evident in the recent data. According to Korea’s custom office, cosmetics exports reached 1.92 billion dollars in 2014, which is an increase of 50.4% over the previous year, making the Korean trade balance for beauty products in surplus for the first time. In addition, the domestic demand for health products has been growing at a rapid pace, making Korea’s health functional food and medical equipment markets rank as one of the potentially strongest markets in the world, which are estimated at $16.3billion and $42.1billion in 2014, respectively.52.PNG

Health & Beauty Week, where COSMOBEAUTY SEOUL 2016, Int’l Health Industry Expo 2016 and Int’l Organic Industry Expo 2016 are staged under one roof, takes place against a backdrop of drawing attention to the booming beauty and healthcare markets.

Slated to be held from April 28 to 30 in COEX for three days, the Health & Beauty week will provide a good opportunity to witness both the present and the future of Korea’s beauty and healthcare industries with a wide variety of beauty products, health functional food / ingredient, home medical equipment, organic food/cosmetic and organic living products. The upcoming show will attract numerous domestic and foreign enterprises interested in exploring Korea’s dynamic and vibrant beauty & healthcare markets.

In addition, the organizer is preparing highlighted events — the International Hosted Buyer Program (“Business Meeting” to explore ways for export and expand domestic market of exhibitors); and the Brand New Products Showcase and New Trend Conference & Seminar — with aims to make this event a powerful business platform where domestic, international major exhibitors meet consumers and where the exchange of industrial information and business networking are generated among the industry insiders.

It will be a good opportunity to showcase your products and meet business professionals all in one place. For more detailed information about the trade show, please contact

• Health & Beauty Week
Period: April 28(Thur.) ~ 30(Sat.), 2016 in COEX Hall A and B / Seoul, Korea
T he 30th Seoul International Cosmetics & Beauty Expo (COSMOBEAUTY SEOUL 2016)
Scale: 500 exhibitors / 800 booths
Categories: Cosmetics􀁨Ingredients / Packing􀁨Hair / Scalp􀁨Aesthetic / Spa􀁨Nail, Foot Care
The 30th International Health Industry Expo 2016 (HEALTH EXPO 2016)
Scale: 150 exhibitors / 250 booths
Categories: Health Functional Food􀁨Health Food Ingredient􀁨Home Medical
The 3rd International Organic Industry Expo 2016 (ORGANIC EXPO 2016)
Scale: 50 exhibitors / 80 booths
Categories: Organic Food􀁨Organic Cosmetic􀁨Organic Cott on􀁨Organic Living

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