Health & safety outdoor platform of bio-signal sensing type using permanent conductive material

Technology overview: This technology concerns the ‘service-provider,’ the multi-functional and customized apparel product of which the health & safety function fused with the IT electronic technology of measuring the bio-signal has the and controlling function by the smartphone application service with textile and apparel technology as its center, such as bio-signal measurement and heating, yarn for low frequency, textile sensor and heating electrode, textile network technology etc., based on the permanent conducting material. That is to say, this technology concerns the customized apparel product, based on consumer demand, applicable to diverse environments, and with the technology of monitoring through the application connected to the smart phone, we could commercialize the technology. The apparel product is composed of main apparel and textile technologies such as permanent conducting material and yarn manufacturing technology for fiberization of the bio-signal measurement, and the technology structuralizing the electrode textile for bio-signal measurement(heartbeat), and the textile networking technology for being embedded in apparel, and development of apparel-type subsidiary material. On this, provision of the IT function was realized through commercialization technology of the apparel embedded with IT function, module design of the bio-signal measurement function and the application technology based on real-time communication for monitoring.

Untitled-27.jpgIndustrialization: In this product, we have developed and commercialized market-oriented technology through development of the conductive yarn, development of functional fiberization technology, development of processing technology for realizing the function, development of connector and signal line for integration of the apparel, development of the platform technology for functional stabilization and integration of the apparel and development of technology applying to the apparel, and development of fiber/apparel industrial technology and bio-signal sensing algorithm and module, and Open Innovation system (meaning the system realizing the developed and upgraded function by sharing and engrafting the specialized technologies of each development company for developing innovative technologies) between the IT industrial technologies of the application technology connected to the smartphone. The developed technologies have been compacted into one technology, thereby being realized in the form of men’s tight-fitted T-shirts embedded with electrode sensing the textile electrocardiogram in the garment. This product is composed of the T-shirt embedded with the textile electrode and the device connected to the textile electrode, and is connected to the application of the smart phone through Bluetooth. The application of the smart phone receives the electrocardiogram-based heart rate transmitted by the apparel and the device and converts it to the quantity of exercise, thereby suggesting the caloric consumption. We have also designed the product in order that the accumulated quantity of caloric consumption, accumulated exercise distance, etc., can be checked. The application applied to this product has been developed based on Android and IOS, and the application is also mounted in Urbane, the wearable device of LG Electronics  Inc.

Problem-solving in industrialization: We have proceeded with industrialization of this product while putting the most emphasis on collaboration between IT companies and apparel companies based on the ICT converging technology.  In this process, reconciliation of opinions came to the fore as the main issue to be solved due to the disagreement between the IT developers prioritizing mass production and function and the apparel developer laying emphasis on friendliness to the human body and wearability of apparel. However, we could reduce the disagreement through the source opening between the disparate businesses based on the experience of the Open Innovation through the Technical Development Business between Textile Life Streams, and also could proceed with industrialization by developing the product of which the quality was secured. In addition, although this product had some difficulty in the process of reflecting the consumers’ need in its industrialization as it is a smart apparel product somewhat unfamiliar to the consumers, we could succeed in the industrialization by reflecting the consumers’ need through survey of consumers’ demand, field test, etc., thereby solving the problem using the application, and so forth.

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