High-speed parallel beam-forming and signal processing

Technology overview: As many functions of ultrasonic waves were realized through the hardware in the traditional ultrasonic system, they had difficulty in improving new functions or http://korean-products.com/inquiryperformances after launch. In order to overcome this difficulty, we have judged that the important direction of development is the ultrasonic system mounted with the system architecture based on the flexible software capable of applying performance improvement or newly developed functions to the product easily, hereby implementing research and development. In order to realize this, we have proceeded with development of, firstly, the high-speed data transmission technology (about 6GB/s) transmitting the RF data of each channel to PC and secondly, ultra high-speed parallel beam-forming and signal processing technology capable of processing enormous RF data in real time using  GPGPU and thirdly, the technology capable of saving all of the acquired data (storage capacity: 2GB or more) and fourthly, the transmitter technology for fibroelastic and harmonic imaging etc. Like this, as the software-based platform completed for the first time in Korea does not need any new development of equipment (hardware itself) for making the product of new function, it has the effect of saving the development expense and reducing the development period.

Industrialization: We completed development of the technology and commercialized it on June 2014, achieved authorization for manufacturing the medical device from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) on September, and then obtained certification from CE and FDA. While all of the foreign-made products are mainly used for research, the product of Alpilion Medical System Co., Ltd. is the platform supporting both research and clinical purpose. Thus, our product receives lots of attention from hospitals, university laboratories, general enterprise laboratories, etc., thereby expecting a great deal from both domestic and overseas sales. We will keep on planning to make a successful case of the Open Innovation by widening the field which can be diagnosed using the ultrasonic wave with addition of functions pursuant to new clinical requirements, and by collaborating with other enterprises and laboratories.

Problem-solving in industrialization: The new diagnosis equipment platform with only software beam-forming architecture is at an early phase on the current market, and the competitors of this product are the best specification products of global enterprises. As a result, we, as a small to medium-sized enterprise, had some difficulty in marketing, attracting capital, etc. for launching the product satisfying all the specifications on the market from the beginning. Therefore, we industrialized the product by putting emphasis preferentially on one or two applications of the radiology field which this product has the most advantage, and we plan to develop our product as the star product of the premium-level equipment by gradually extending various applications in the fields of obstetrics, internal medicine, echocardiography, etc.

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