Premium resort wear applying the optical art and high-definition DTP technology

Technology overview: We plan to develop the premium-line resort wear targeting the overseas market in cooperation with the unique K-concept designer brand and the specialized sportswear fashion brand. In order to achieve this goal, firstly, we have planned fashion item based on the brand direction differentiated from the existing resort wears on the basis of the analysis of the target market and consumer survey, and the fashion trend analysis. Secondly, we plan to enhance the degree of design completion by developing characterful printing motive and using subsidiary materials, such as textile design, signature logo, etc. Thirdly, we have developed the printed fabrics of world-best quality by applying the high- definition printing technique optimized according to materials, such as nylon lightweight fabric, polyester knit fabric, etc. Fourthly, we have converted the developed design into the completed apparel product maximizing portability and practicality by applying the transforming-pattern design method. Finally, we mass-produce and market the product selected after dressing evaluation and show, etc.

Industrialization: We have researched the difference of purchasing tendency for the resort wear depending on the fashion life style and surveyed the resort look trend through both internal and external trend analysis, market analysis, consumer survey analysis, participation in the overseas shows, etc. We have developed the material for elaboration of the digital textile printing (DTP), established CTB data according to material, and drawn the optimized DTP preprocessing/postprocessing conditions by applied material for minimizing the print blurring. We have developed five printing motives suitable for the design concept reflecting the season trend and market analysis result, and also developed 25 textile designs for fashion product using the developed motives. In addition, we have developed 24 metal logo designs. With the developed textile designs, we have produced 56 complete product designs and test products through the prototype design. Out of the total turnover, the turnover of the development product and related products take 1.5% and 1.8%, respectively, tending to increase every year.

Problem-solving in industrialization: As it was urgent to improve the controlling method of the hardware and additional software for sharpening the print, we have made the print quality maintain the consistency in time of emergency and in case of several blocked nozzles by increasing the number of nozzles (consisting of 180 nozzles per head) pursuant to addition of head (before improvement: 12 heads→ after improvement: 16 heads), and drawn the optimized DTP preprocessing/postprocessing conditions by applied material for minimizing the print blurring. We have made the high-definition Ombré effect and fine line expression possible by adding heads, optimizing software and utilizing CTB.

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