Refined-sensibility cool-biz and warm-biz fashion product using the functional circular knitting of cooling comfort and lightweight heat insulation depending on the energy-saving life style

Technology overview: We have developed cooling comfort material by the circular knitting technique of the natural material and the poly functional fiber for improving the cooling sensation and comfort and using this material, developed the refined-sensibility cool-biz fashion product putting emphasis on functionality and fashion. In addition, we have developed the lightweight heat-insulating material by applying the natural material and the circular knitting technique of the poly hollow fiber for improving the light weight and the heat insulation and using this material, developed the energy-saving warm-biz fashion product. Along with them, for commercializing the cool∙warm biz products, we also have developed the business casual fashion products diversely available both during working hours and in one’s own time, such as working life, and leisure time activities As for the specific performance of each enterprise having joined this research project, The Basic House Co., Ltd. proceeded with establishment of the marketing strategy, market cultivation, certification of the complete product, and so forth, including the trend analysis and the design planning. Patex Co., Ltd. proceeded with designing the circular knitting structure, developing the knitting technique, evaluating the conformity of the material, etc., including developing and providing raw and subsidiary materials. Korea Silver Fashion Design Institute performed research of the comfort fit flat pattern of jacket and T-shirt considering the circular knitting materials, suggestion of the biz fashion self styling, both internal and external fashion shows and academic validation, and so forth, including analysis of both internal and external cool/ warm biz fashion product markets and consumer trends.

Industrialization: At present, development of the domestic cool/warm biz products is limited to woven material. Thus, The Basic House Co., Ltd. and other participants have developed the cooling comfort and lightweight heat-insulating functional circular knit pursuant to the energy-saving life style, and also developed the refined-sensibility, high-function business casual wear fashion products putting emphasis on consideration of activity and improvement of business efficiency. By establishing the premium-image marketing strategy of the cool/warm biz products using its existing domestic stores (Mind Bridge), The Basic House Co., Ltd.has expanded its diversified business and also using its existing overseas stores, established the global sales plan, thereby approaching both the domestic and the foreign markets. In addition, through the brand power of Mind Bridge, The Basic House Co., Ltd. has produced high value-added business casual wear products and thus created new demand at both the domestic and the foreign markets, thereby cultivating new markets. Also, using the network of 105 Mind Bridge stores in Korea and the overseas stores and through our official Internet shopping mall ( and offline stores, we have promoted sales of cool/warm functional business casual wear. Besides, having selected U Gong and Jun-hee Goh (famous Korean actor and actress) as the models of Mind Bridge, we have showed the smart cool biz look equipped with both cool material adding a refreshing feel and high- availability design with the concept of 2014 S/S ‘Street Smart.’

Problem-solving in industrialization: Though, at the first stage of industrialization, there was difficulty in linking the product to sales due to the products that consumers had not encountered often, as the functional convenience and design satisfaction of the actual purchasers increased, our product has firmly established its place in the market. In addition, the increasing numbers of office workers aiming at an energy-saving lifestyle has led to higher sales. Concerning the differentiated material development in the future, we have provided the cool biz S/S material with mainly quick sweat-pickup and drying and elasticity functions, and warm biz F/W material with warmth retaining and elasticity functions, and we plan to proceed with continuous research and development, and supplementation of warmth-retaining fluff material.

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