Semi-structural adhesive tape for innovative assembly within exterior and interior decoration for cars

Technology overview: Semi-structural adhesive tape, which is a UV curing and high-intensity  material, is designed to substitute the traditional methods of mechanical connections such as bolts, nuts, and rivets, when bonding the exterior and interior decoration materials cars. For UV curing, the combination of oligomers, monomers, photoinitiators, and functional additives makes it possible to form a bridge system. Based on the molecular design of adhesives, the improvement in high-durability and high-reliability can be achieved. In developing UV curable semi-structural  adhesive tape, a solvent-free UV curable system acts as a countermeasure for environmental regulation. The competitiveness of this technology in the market is strengthened by developing new functional adhesive tapes.

Industrialization: The market of high functioning semi-structural adhesive tape is occupied by advanced countries and other global companies. When it comes to adhesive tapes, in developed nations such as Europe, Japan, and the United States, high-reliability is obtained through the simulation of curing and aging of adhesives. Semi-structural adhesive tape through this development project is applied to exterior and interior decoration for cars; it is widely used in diverse fields such as electricity and electronics, display, photovoltaic system, architecture, as well as automobile industries. Semi-structural adhesive tapes are developed for the applications to components and materials such as automobile, electric and electronic, and display fields, recording about KRW 4.6 billion in sales.

Problem-solving in industrialization: High functioning semi-structural adhesive tape serves as a functional product based on either the additional special function as well as adhesive one or on the consideration of environmental conformity. The adhesive tape is predominately developed by advanced countries such as Japan and the United States. It relies highly on overseas technology and imports, so the effective and systematic research on the tape from basics to its application and production is needed to improve the high functioning semi-structural adhesive tape technology. With the feature of eco-friendly adhesives, such adhesive tape technology is substituted for the traditional solvent-based adhesives. The development of the synthesis technology of solvent-free adhesives makes it possible to obtain the core technology in Korea. The development of the original technology enables various applications to adhesive and related industries. The technology can be effectively used to deliver functional productions required by customers, and to develop new high value-added products.

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