Adhesive Tape Dispenser “TENDO

[ NO. 1604C04]
When you wrap your parcel boxes, you usually seal them with adhesive tape. So, a good-quality tape dispenser will surly make your packaging work easier and more efficient.
YEONJIN Inc. ( has released its premium tape dispenser “TENDO” featuring ergonomic design and various userfriendly features.

The TENDO has a tilted 10-degree angle of cutter for easy cutting, and this will make your wrist feel comfortable because you don’t have to turn your wrist when using it. Therefore, the repetitive use of this tape dispenser will not cause wrist suffering or fatigue to the wrist, unlike the traditional products.
In addition, the disperser’s grip is ergonomically designed to ensure safe and firm grip for both right-handed and left-handed users. In addition, the use of a urethane sheath offers enhanced durability as well as excellent grip feel. And the U-shaped rolling part prevents the reverse rotation of tape. TENDO is a self-standing type product that makes your workspace clean and neat at all times. The tape dispenser is suitable for dispensing up to 100m of roll.
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