Apple Wine & Pomegranate Wine[INQ. NO. 1604C11] Euiseong of Gyeongsang province in South Korea where abundant sunshine and wide temperature range provide ideal condition for producing good quality apples, making it one of the main producing areas of apples in Korea.
Located in Euiseong, Applease is a premium apple wine manufacturer. It extracts juice from the apples cultivated from Euiseong for fermentation, which are then matured in traditional Korean earthenware called onggi (known to have excellent maturation effects) to preserve the unique aroma and to produce highquality apple wine Untitled-32.jpgwith a deep fl avor.
Applease also manufactures pomegranate wine. The special red color of pomegranate adds quality to the wine. Fermented in onggi earthenware, the wine retains the fresh scent of pomegranate. The excellent harmony of pomegranate’s sour and sweet taste gives a clean and smooth taste.

Currently, Applease wines are being exported to six countries including the USA and Japan. The quality has been proved by its winning prizes in international spirit competitions. As the pomegranate wine and apple wine are not common worldwide, the Korean wine company is striving to popularize these products in the global markets. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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