Cleaned and Frozen Seafood for Weaning Food

[INQ. NO. 1604C09] Win Win Agricultural and Marine Marketing Co., Ltd. specializes in processing and distributing high-quality Korean fish and seafood products. All of the products from by Win Win are made by fresh raw marine products that are caught at seas off the Korean peninsula.
Based on long-accumulated know-how, the company provides a variety of cleaned and frozen marine products such as shrimps, short necked clam meat, mackerel, squid, snow crab leg meat and so forth.

In addition, the seafood company provides cleaned and frozen fish fillets, shrimp meat and snow crab leg meat for baby weaning food. All of the marine products are caught at seas off the Korean peninsula, and they are hygienically processed as easyto-cook products through exhaustive processing – skinning, cleaning, grinding, measuring and packaging so that consumers can cook immediately at home for their baby food.
These products are convenient for use as they are packaged in individual bag (80g). | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods