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April 15, 2016

[INQ. NO. 1604C03] The feet are believed to be closely related to the health of the human b
Therefore, feet are often referred to as “the second heart of the human body. In this sense, shoes, which protect our “second heart” need to be carefully managed. Knowing this value of shoes’ care, InShoeTec, Ltd. ( has been working constantly on studying materials and technical structures of shoes. Based on such R&D endeavors, it has finally presented “ShoeROOM” to helps people to take care of shoes in their best form. Currently, InShoeTec is the front-runner among shoe-care product manufacturers in Korea and it specializes in developing and manufacturing shoe-care devices for sterilization/deodorization/dehumidification of shoes, providing commercial-use shoe-cleaning machines and shoe-dryers to washing factories, with its own unique design and patented technology.

Untitled-7Everyday activity generates perspiration, making shoes moist and hence inducing suitable environment for fungi to grow, which is one of the main causes of odor inside our shoes.
The ShoeRoom is a unique shoe-care equipment which inhibits growth of fungi and other bacteria through a line of process; sterilization, deodorization and dehumidification. After the process, shoes are left clean and sterilized, giving users full comfort and satisfaction.
ShoeROOM comes in three different models – ShoeROOM Golf (a portable type), ShoeROOM Built-in and ShoeROOM Health (for commercial use in sports centers and golf clubs).

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