Korea International Noodle Expo 2016 Taking Place in June Experience all the diverse noodles of the world!

2016-05-16 09;12;06Korea International Noodle Expo 2016 due to be held from June 3 to 5 at COEX, Seoul, Korea Broadening business platform for exhibitors by inviting qualified buyers from China, Japan and Southeast Asian countries The Korea International Noodle Expo 2016, where you can meet noodle industry insiders and professionals from all over the world, will be held from June 3 (Fri.) to 5 (Sun.) at COEX Hall C in Seoul, Korea.

Since making its successful debut last year, the show organizers are going to take an opportunity for the second edition to share the history and the hot trends of Korean’s soul food, noodles, while promoting the development of domestic enterprises and helping create export opportunities for them at the same time.

This upcoming Korea International Noodle Expo 2016, which will feature 250 booths from approximately 50 exhibitors, will be arranged according to the following diff erent themes — △Overseas Pavilion △Domestic Pavilion △World Noodle Museum △Promotion Pavilion △Tasting Sample Zone △Experience Noodles.
During the exhibition, there will be a variety of events such as ‘Make your D.I.Y Noodle,’ ‘My own recipe contest’ where the visitors can be actively involved, ‘Domestic & International Instant Ramen Exhibition’ and ‘Matched food Zone’ where customers can purchase foods that harmonize with instant noodles.
Apart from this, useful information about enterprise development projects, creative noodle goods and ideas, will be presented to those ramen lovers, international, domestic and potential buyers.

Especially at this year’s show, representative buyers from China, Japan, Southeast Asian countries and other neighboring countries that share mutual noodle culture, will be invited so that the event can provide an opportunity for establishing networks between the domestic middle-sized enterprises and the overseas enterprises. At last year’s show, participants including a well-known restaurant, Lee’s 55 St. Ramen in the Sam-Chung region successfully signed contracts with local supermarkets and department stores. Furthermore, some of them utilized the show as a springboard for extending their markets into China and Hong Kong, etc. after participating in the Korea International Noodle Expo in 2015. Following last year’s inspiring results, the organizers expect there will be an increasing numbers of participants broadening their market base through att endance at this year’s event.

The Korea International Noodle Expo is welcoming any exhibitors related to ramen, noodles, udon, kimchi and well-matched foods with them. The early bird applicants will get 20% discount until April 10. For further information about the 2016 Korea International Noodle Expo please contact tel: 82-2-799-6732 or visit the website at ramen.etoday.co.kr.

˙Korea Int’l Noodle Expo 2016
When: June 3rd (Fri.) ~ 5th (Sun.), 3 days Where: Coex Hall C, Seoul, Korea
Scale: 5,184m2/ about 50,000 visitors expected during three days

Website: http://ramen.etoday.co.kr


is one of the largest processed food manufacturers in Korea that specializes in providing instant noodles and snacks. The company has evolved with the Korean food industry since its establishment in September 1965.
Over the recent years, Nongshim has continued its efforts to become a global food company leading the globalization of Korean food by providing end-to-end services for the improvement of customers’ health.
In addition, Nongshim has led the development of the Korean food industry through continuous R&D endeavors from its research institute that was founded along with the company’s establishment. As of now, about 100 high-caliber researchers holding a doctor’s or master’s degree work for its research institute.
Nongshim has produced numerous hit products including Shinramyun, Ansungtangmyun, Neoguri, Chapagetti, Bowl Noodle (hot-tasting), Big Bow Noodle (shrimp-fl avored), Shin Cup Noodle and Saeng Saeng Bowl Udon, just to name a few.
Nongshim also has plenty of steady-selling snacks including shrimp crackers, onion rings, sweet potato snack, honey twist snack, potato chips, etc.
Currently, its main products such as instant noodles, snacks, instant rice products and fruit juices are manufactured in the company’s six Korean plants in Anyang, Anseong, Asan, Gumi, Noksan and Busan. It also produces bottled mineral water under the brand name, “Beaksansoo.”

Nongshim has not only reached the top place in the industry in the Korean market, but also it has aggressively expanded into about 100 markets overseas by proactively responding to the rapidly changing external environments.
Securing its competitive edge in terms of R&D, sales capacity and sound infrastructure over its competitors, the company is striving to enhance customers’ health as well.
The company is sparing no eff orts in growing into the world’s best food & service provider that contributes to the enhancement of humankind’s health and quality of life by keeping up with the trends in informatization, globalization and specialization.

is one of Korea’s top brands for instant noodles and beverages. Launched by Korea Yakult, Paldo has grown into a global food company, gaining popularity and trust among consumers around the world. The company started in 1983 with the instant noodle business, writing a new chapter in the history of Korean instant noodle, and it later diversifi ed into the beverage business and logistics business in 1995. Since 1987, Paldo has opened new outlets in the overseas market and it has seen its products thrive especially in Russia, the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, China, Germany, etc. Paldo’s signature ‘Dosirac’ square noodle occupies a large portion of the Russian instant noodle market, elevating the company’s prestige abroad.
The company’s main export products include all type of instant noodle, various types of beverage and traditional foodstuffs which cover above 50 overseas countries.
Paldo is making ceaseless efforts to contribute to a healthier world and satisfy its global customers. Always one step ahead in anticipation of its customer’s demands, it will continue to create new products and improve the quality of all its products and advance the fi eld of life sciences even further.

Untitled-3.jpgHapcheon Marketing Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 as a professional agriculture marketing company for promoting the sale of agricultural products from the Hapcheon region. Currently, the company’s market capitalization is roughly $10 million and it has three operations in Korea’s major departments with 15 employees. Hapcheon Marketing is committed to providing stable producer prices for farmers as well as ensuring high health standards for consumers. The company is also sparing no efforts to provide safe products for its end customers. It is involved in supplying major agricultural products cultivated in Hapcheon, including watermelon, onions, strawberries, broccoli, chestnuts and 30 other products to large companies, as well as supplying school meal companies and general consumers through direct sales. Also, its exports are also continuously growing.Untitled-4.jpg

Haewain Onion Ramen includes onions grown in Hapcheon, Korea’s famous onion-producing area, in its noodles, soup base and dried vegetables.

Untitled-5.jpgRaffe F&B is a noodle shop franchise brand offering a range of dishes such as noodles, kimbab (tuna rice roll), boiled dumplings and rice ball. The interior of its store offers a comfortable and stylish atmosphere. As a brand strategy for success, it aims to be a place that offers a relaxed “dining room.”
Choi Yang Noodle: spicy noodle
An-jja Noodle: not spicy, mild taste
Oh Yang Noodle: features taste of squid and shrimp, along with the coolness of the crab
Tuna rice roll (kimbab): tuna and fresh vegetable with rice roll
Boiled Dumplings
Ugly rice ball: Boiled burdock with rice. Fantasy chemistry

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Untitled-6.jpgRamenWave Cooker enables one to cook the ramen in the microwave in just four minutes. It perfectly fits the size of all of the Korean instant noodles so as to enjoy Korean ramen easily, quickly and deliciously in minutes.
The name of NTS Corp., which is an acronym for “Nothing to Something,” meaning “Creating Something out of Nothing.” The enterprise has imported foreign products that are not available in the Korean market. As a distributor, the company has exported superior domestic goods to Asian countries and elsewhere since 2007. It deals with a wide range of products covering everything from living items to industrial goods.



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