Agar-based Desserts

[INQ. NO. 1605C05] in 2012, Jejuagar Co., Ltd. has devoted its efforts to presenting food products containing unique features and high-quality natural raw materials from Jeju. In particular, it has been taking the initiative in keeping and inheriting the culture and value of Jeju’s women divers by creating healthful and globally recognized products with agar-agar weed collected from the clean seas off Jeju. The agar-agar weed is a zero-calorie food and it has a high content of dietary fi ber (80%). In addition, as it is rich in calcium, minerals, iodine, etc., it helps lower high blood pressure, hyperglycemia and high cholesterol level. The quality of agar-agar weed from Jeju is thus recognized as the best in Korea and about 80% of agar-agar weed distributed in the country comes from Jeju.
Jeju Wellgaeng Premium is a healthy jelly made of 100% agar extracted from agar-agar weed collected by female divers of Jeju and local specialties such as Hanrabong (Jeju orange) and citrus tenuissima. All ingredients retain their natural fl avor and you can feel the fruit fl esh. To prioritize the health of customers, the product is less sweet.
Jeju Bracken Cake is low-calorie dessert made with agar and Jeju bracken. Thanks to the starch extracted from the Jeju bracken, the cake features a soft and chewy texture.
WUMI Jelly is a jelly-type beverage made with Jeju’s pesticide-free agricultural products like blueberries and tangerine. Made with agar extracted from agar-agar weed collected by female divers of Jeju, it contains a high content of dietary fi ber.

Jeju Wellgaeng Premium / Jeju Bracken Cake

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