Automated Hands Washer[INQ. NO. 1605C17] Auto Cleaning System from TM Eng, Korea’s sanitary system specialist, is an innovative automated hands washer that helps provide a safe work environment by improving hygiene and sanitation levels in the workplace. Equipped with an access control system, this is an all-in-one cleaning system featuring a controller (display), a facial recognition system, a hand sterilizer, a hand drier, a disinfection footrest, and a gage. The standardized and complexly controlled cleaning system employs a process- interconnecting system, so that the equipment does not allow one to enter a workplace without any of the procedures being followed.

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Main Features
– Facial recognition system: user face recognition ability up to 99%), LAN & USB-based worker entrance management
– Touch screen (voice guide support)
– Automated hands washing system (twice hands washing process and foam soap use)
– Speedy drying hands through high-speed jet air
– Hands sterilization system
– Disinfection footrest for worker’s footwear soles | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods