PET Can (sealed-up container/ferment container) & Can Seamer[INQ. NO. 1605C16] Inno-Package specializes in PET cans under its brand name “InnoCan” and seamer machinery “InnoCan,” respectively, making continuous innovation in foodstuff packaging.
Inno Can (PET can): Inno Can maintains a perfect sealed-up condition by doublecombining
(seaming) PET container and aluminum cover, and Inno Can Seamer is the machine that combines (seams up) them.
Inno Can, which comes in sealed-up containers and ferment containers, has more than 40 kinds of products with width of 65, 70, 76, 84, 100 and 126 mm and a height of 67 to 200 mm. It can pack almost every foodstuff − from nuts, cookies, powders and ground coffee to fermented food.


Being made of PET, Inno Can is safe as a container for storing foodstuff s. By realizing perfect sealed-up packaging, it keeps the contents fresh for a long time. Since the Inno Can is a transparent container, one can directly check the preserved condition of packaged foodstuff .
Untitled-32.jpgIn addition, with Inno Can, there is no need to use a dehumidifi er while customers are allowed to purchase articles of food in confi dence after checking the condition of the contents through a transparent container.
The ferment container of Inno Can is a so-called breathing packing container for fermented food. The ‘Breathing Inno Can (Patent pending)’ provides a solution to the problem of generating gas through fermentation by keeping liquids from leaking but discharges only the gas generated from fermentation outside while stopping the infi ltration of bacteria, moisture, etc. This Inno Can is being applied and used for all foodstuff s that generate gas.
2016-05-18 10;44;03Inno-Can Seamer is a packaging machine that enables sealed-up packing by doubly combing (seaming) PET container and one-touch aluminum cover. One unit of machine can seam over 40 kinds of container in different sizes and it is made so much lighter that users can work with it even on the table. Especially, its simple and classy design is good enough to be installed on the site corner of selling foodstuff s of a department store and large discount store, let alone high durability to resist a high-humidity working environment. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods