Smart Make-up Tools[INQ. NO. 1605C18] Here are some smart make-up tools from a Korean company that will help women to perform their delicate makeup routines in an easier and more effective way.

Heated (head-changeable) Eyelash Curler



Women feel that properly curled lashes give them extra femininity and self-confidence, but many find styling eyelashes very difficult as they are a sensitive and important part of their bodies. If you have not yet acquired mastery in using a traditional lash curler, you could pinch the sensitive eyelid or even tug the lashes at the roots, causing them to fall out prematurely.
“Beauty Girl-II” is a brand-new heated eyelash curler that will save you both time and labor when styling your eyelashes.
It features a soft silicone curling iron rod that will help transform flat and short eyelashes into gorgeously curled ones with ease, which last all day long.Untitled-36.jpg
As the angle and shape of the curling iron rod can be easily adjusted, you can style your lashes as a desired shape without concern about contact with the nose or eyebrows.
On top of that, the iron’s rod is easily separable from the body and replaceable with a new one. You just need to replace the rod, not the whole body when the rod’s lifespan ends, unlike the lesser products that have to be discarded when the heat head’s lifespan ends.
Untitled-37.jpgYou can use this device after applying mascara. Even if mascara is attached to the silicone curling iron rod, you can easily remove it with water. Wash the rod with water after separating it from the body and dry it.
The colors come in pink, white and black.

• Built-in power-saving & temperature-stability circuit
• Color-changing bar notifying optimum temperature
• Micro 5-pin port charging function

Vibrating Make-up Puff Applicator/Massager

Untitled-38.jpgThis vibrating make-up puff applicator performs 12,000 vibrations per minute which allows one’s make-up base to be evenly spread onto the skin, thereby creating more natural tone with radiant texture.
The applicator’s oval rubycell puff can apply make-up evenly and gently by tapping along the facial contours such as jawline, nose and eyes, giving tight and complete cover for the whole face.

Additionally, the device comes with a skincare head for massaging your face with 12,000 vibrations per minute. The  hand – held and compact design with a comfortable grip allows you to carry it in a bag and use it easily anywhere. The unit has a cap for the puff to keep it safely.
• The unit comes with a sponge head, a massage head and an additional sponge refill.


• How to use:
– Pull the cap off and apply makeup base on puff applicator.
– Push power button to turn on the device and lightly spread the make-up base onto the skin until the makeup is evenly applied.
– After use, turn off the applicator and screw the cap back on. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods