Desktop Fan & Naturally Vaporizing Humidifier

[INQ. NO. 1606C01] Korean company, m.i collection Inc. (, is engaged in designing and providing highly functional small-sized electronics gadgets, responding to growing demand for high-quality compact personal electronic devices.
Its products offer essential features for confined spaces without compromising the user’s convenience and stylish design.
Desktop Fan: With space-efficient design, Mini Fan is a tabletop mini-sized (L100xW128xH161, 220g) fan applying a focused airflow technology. Its tilt (front: 28°; back: 49°) and swivel (up to 270°) adjustable head allows you to focus airflow where you need it. The fan generates minimal noise – only 36dB noise on its lowest setting, being ideal for personal cooling for use on an office desk as well as anywhere at home. It can also be clipped with an optionally available peg on an office partition for confined spaces. The fan has two speeds and is charged with both USB and with AC adaptor.
For safe use, it automatically turns off after four hours. Power consumption is 1W. Made in Korea and it obtained both KS and CE certifications.

Untitled-4.jpgNaturally Vaporizing Humidifier: The Korean company also provides a naturally vaporizing humidifier that remedies inconvenience – cleaning and noise – of the electronic humidifiers. Using felt featuring absorbing water property, the humidifier harnesses natural evaporation so that it is non-electric, noise-free and easy to manage. The unit can be easily washed with water and one can use purified or bottled water, accordingly without concern about bacteria. It measures W253xH86xD139 and weighs 280g. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods