Easy-to-disassemble & Clean Washbasin Set

[INQ. NO. 1606C03] Unibath Inc. (www.unibath.co.kr) http://korean-products.com/inquiryprovides bathroom products that enable everyone to manage the washbasin, sink drain and pipes conveniently and simply.
You may have experienced inconvenience associated with clogged sink drain with hair or sewages as well as loss of valuables by dropping them into the sink drain. In such cases, people try to loosen the metal pipe with tools or dissolve swages by pouring harmful chemicals into the sink. However, it is very hard for a novice to loosen the clamped metal pipes. Untitled-5.jpgMoreover, the use of chemicals to clear the drain can do serious damage to the drainpipes that could ultimately cost you more. For this reason, Unibath Inc. devised its innovative Unibath Wash Basin & Unitrap which is engineered to disassemble completely and easily, manually, without any tools. As there is a filter cap inside the wash basin trap, it solves clogged sink drain problems fundamentally by filtering hair and sewages.
Anyone can set up, disassemble and manage – replace old or broken parts and clean easily.
All products including ceramic washbasin, brass pop-up, trap and other parts are made in Korea to ensure high quality.
It allows for easy cleaning and simple resetting without requiring tools and difficult labor, along with the following user-friendly features.

It is also convenient for hand washing: unlike the existing products, the pop-up stopper is pushed down when water drains.
The filter cap prevents loss of valuables, while also preventing drain from clogging by catching sewages. The pop-up pipe was designed to sink deeply under water so as to block the blowing back of bad smell. Stainless steel leg supports the ceramic wash basin to prevent slipping and falling down. The height can be adjusted up to 15cm.

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