Freeze Dried Sliced Korean Ginseng

[INQ.NO.1606C29] Geumsan Ginseng Cooperative is an organization consisting of ginseng farmers, ginseng distributors and manufacturers of Korean ginseng products so it has an advantage in terms of the whole process – from cultivation, to manufacturing and distribution of the ginseng within the cooperative and it can supply superior-quality Korean ginseng products at highly competitive prices, as a result.
What’s more, the cooperative has secured competitiveness in new product development and quality controls through the technical cooperation with Geumsan Ginseng and Medical Herb Research Center.

Ginseng-Nex is made with entirely 100% Korean ginseng. The water contained in ginseng is frozen as low as at 860 degrees Celsius below zero and dried in vacuum so that the original of nutrition, taste and aroma of the fresh ginseng can be fully kept. Ginseng-Nex is not extract form, but whole ginseng product so that you can take in high content of the effective substances of ginseng including saponin. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods