Korean Sauces

[INQ. NO. 1606C31] Wonil Food Co., Ltd. is a HACCP-certified manufacturer of Korean sauces,http://korean-products.com/inquiry including Bulgogi sauce, Maecom Dip sauce, Red BBQ sauce, Tteokbokki sauce, Creamy Black Sesame sauce and Maeun sauce (red pepper sauce). With these sauces, you can simply cook and enjoy a variety of Korean dishes such as Bulgogi, Bibimbop and Tteokbokki. They match well with a variety of dishes including Western dishes. Wonil also provides a wide range of dressings, seasonings, sauces and premix for the catering and food service industry.
• B ulgogi Sauce: The soy sauce-based Bulgogi Sauce will allow you easily to cook Korean dishes such as Bulgog and Japchae. Main ingredients: soy sauce, oligosaccharide, apple puree, onion, garlic, etc. Capacity: 80g/400g/1kg
• M aeun Sauce (Gochujang sauce): The representative dishes of Korean cuisine such as Bibimbop and Tteokbokki can be easily cooked with Maeun Sauce. Main ingredients: red pepper powder, soy sauce, red pepper paste, garlic, apple puree, etc. Capacity: 80g/400g/1kg
• C reamy Black Sesame Sauce: This sauce is a dressing that matches with not only warm and cold dishes, but also vegetable and tobu. Main ingredients: mayonnaise, oligosaccharide, soy sauce, sugar, fermented vinegar, black semame power, etc. Capacity: 400g/1kg

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