Korea’s quality foodstuffs knock the door of the global markets

The demand for safe and healthful foodstuffs has been growing worldwide and Korean cuisine, which is recognized as health foods with high nutritional value and unique in taste, has been increasingly embraced by diners across the world. Along with the Korean Wave of pop culture items sweeping through foreign countries, Korean dishes such as kimchi, bulgogi and bibimbap immediately come to mind when many foreigners think of Korea.
In line with this global trend, some South Korean food companies have been seeking to attract global consumers by lifting their products’ quality and nutrition levels to global standards.
Thanks to these efforts, a growing number of Korean food products, including processed foodstuffs such as Korean sauce, seasoned laver and noodles as well as the country’s signature foods such as ginseng and kimchi, are gaining popularity in overseas markets, including many Asian countries and the USA.
Targeting American consumers, some of Korea’s top food suppliers will be participating in the Summer Fancy Food Show 2016, scheduled to be held from June 26 to 28 at Jacob K. Javits Center, New York. They will present high-quality homegrown products, including ginseng, agricultural produce, fruit, various health supplements and ready-to-cook items.

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