ODS • GWP • surfactant-free environment friendly aqueous • non-aqueous cleaning technology

Technology overview: Because ozone layer-depleting substances and chloride compounds are commonly used in existing industrial cleaning agents, an environmentally friendly industrial cleaning http://korean-products.com/inquiryagent was developed to substitute substances that cause environmental contamination. The type of developed industrial cleaning agent includes non-aqueous/aqueous cleaning agents, which are free from ozone depleting substances, global warming potential, and surfactants classified as atmospheric environment pollutant and also can reduce water pollution.
Because the cleaning agent is reusable, it can reduce the burden of environmental contamination and provide the benefit of cost-saving simultaneously. Especially, the company succeeded in localizing cleaning technology in electric and electronic field which has a high level of dependence on exports, and also secured overseas competitiveness in cleaning technology. The company applied non-aqueous and aqueous cleaning technology
to remove flux and solder in the field of electric & electronic component manufacturing. In particular, aqueous cleaning, beyond existing non-aqueous cleaning concept, can provide a “kill-two-birds-with-one-stone” effect, securing operator’s work safety and reducing cleaning agent consumption by increasing the use of water and reducing volatility. Aqueous cleaning technology is applied to the field of LED manufacturing. In addition to cleaning agent development, the company constructed a cleaning system suitable to the cleaning agent simultaneously, optimized production facility and work environment, and increased the production yield about 2% (existing 97% → improved to 99%).

Industrialization: Of commercialized products with the development of environmentally friendly cleaning technology, electric & electronic cleaning agent, solar and LED cleaning agents are being sold in domestic and overseas markets in China and Southeast Asia, and its sales are on a constant rise. LCD cleaning agent is in lab test stage, aiming for site application in competition with US and Japanese products. Because the performance of developed product is equivalent to or better than overseas rival products mostly from the USA, Europe, and Japan, export to Asia, America, and Europe is also expected in future.
Problem-solving in industrialization: In terms of evaluation method in industrial cleaning agent development, it is necessary to minimize errors in laboratory results and site results, and on-site evaluation must be carried out for the developed product.
Also, customer’s reliability evaluation, because it requires a longer period, is one of difficulties for early industrialization success. Other than performance, periodic monitoring is required after delivering the product, and product quality needs to be improved consistently.



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