Safety enhanced equestrian design that integrates an anti-bacteria, deodorization, high-stretch multifunctional fiber material

Technology overview: It provides optimum optimum wearability and convenience by applying a functional material to an equestrian uniform through developing a multi-functional (antibacteria, deodorization, high-stretch, etc.) fiber material and a safety enhanced equestrian uniform integrating a detachable light-weight protector. It is also tried to develop a fiber fashion product for entering into an advanced European market that can prevent safety accidents due to falling by integrating a light-weight protector material into an equestrian uniform. Accordingly, through this research project, a high-sensitive equestrian uniform design product providing optimal wearability and convenience has been developed by analyzing an advanced European market, designing global type equestrian design with trends and cultural, emotional values and giving specialty of a global market oriented multifunctional material and style. Also, a functional equestrian design product that can prevent a secondary accident when riding a horse has been developed by developing a light-weight detachable protector giving the feeling of fitting optimized for the human body, targeting an advanced European market. Furthermore, horse riding jacket and pants design giving the feeling of fitting optimized for the human body has been developed by developing a multifunctional (anti-bacteria, deodorization, high-stretch, etc.)
fiber material and using a three-dimensional pattern through analyzing European body types. Particularly, a marketing market targeting an advanced European market and U.S. market has been secured after developing a safety enhanced equestrian uniform jacket design integrating an integral thin film protector by using the optimal sewing technique that realization of activity and light wearing feeling is possible.

Industrialization: Theintermax Co., and Randetti Gianfranco that take charge of marketing of this stream promote industrialization of a technology developed product targeting an advanced European market after establishing marketing strategies for each distribution. Theintermax Co., Ltd, the company in charge, can respond to mass-production of a product quickly since it is in global partnership with Gore-TEX, Bemis, Dupont, Schoeller, Polartec, etc. and it secures the production line in Vietnam. Also, it has been conducting research steadily with R&D and by continuously developing technology. For Youngkwang special industrial sewing, more than 60% of increase in export using overseas accounts such as MUGEN DENKO, English Riding Supply and USG, compared to the previous level, is expected. The sales have increased 10% compared to the previous sales by pioneering domestic markets by expanding multilateral business.

Problem-solving in industrialization: At present, people wear protective clothing to prevent safety accidents when riding a horse but it is working as an element disturbing horse riding because of weight and uncomfortable feelings of wearing. There is almost no product development where a protector is attached to a hacking jacket. To solve these problems, it is necessary to develop product technology that satisfies horse riding and safety, wearing feeling and activity and aesthetic impression at the same time by integrating a light-weight protector to a jacking jacket and designing it as a detachable one. Under the situation where equestrian apparel comprise 55% of the horse riding market worth 100 billion won in 2010, more than 30% of growth of the market for horse riding supplies is expected through development of equestrian apparel. A light-weight detachable protector that will be developed by Youngkwang special industrial sewing can vitalize productivity and lead sales by integrating it into various product groups except horse riding such as sports leisure wear, etc. and it can attempt to vitalize small- and medium-sized companies by creating profits with this. Participation in specialized exhibitions has been actively carried out to promote developed products, a vest-type light weight protector detachable hacking jacket and an integral thin film jacking jacket. Awareness about safety when enjoying sports leisure has been considered and expansion of the sports industry has been planned by publicizing a trial product using a developed material. Asset values have been increased by registering a patent of development technology and a utility model and domestic and overseas marketing has been strengthened and industrialization has been enhanced by launching a joint trademark and brand. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods