[INQ. NO. 1607C13] DAAWON Co., Ltd. is a fast-growing beverage , situated in Okcheon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do province, benefiting from its clear surrounding natural environment. With a spirit of enterprise, DAAWON devotes all its eff orts to becoming an honest and trustworthy enterprise by prioritizing customer satisfaction.
Establishing its own R&D center and automatic facilities for a variety of beverages packed in PET bottles, glass bott les and pouches, the company can swiftly respond to customers’ needs.

Untitled-42.jpgIts main products include fruit & vegetable drinks that allow people to enjoy nutrition of fresh vegetables and fruits, fruit-fl avored Ade beverages, and Dutch coff ee drinks.
The beverage company is supplying these products to Lotte Mart, Koreas’ major discount store chain and convenient stores like 7-2016-07-14 16;07;17.PNGEleven. The company’s Honey & Citron Ade, a cold or warm beverage containing Korean honey and citron, is one of the most popular private brand goods of 7-Eleven.
In addition, through years of R&D endeavors, the company has released ‘Dutch Water Day & Night,’ a premium bottled water allowing consumers to enjoy the taste of Dutch coffee, which was selected as an innovation product in SIAL CHINA 2015. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods